Welcome to Abundance Reconstructed!

Hello, I’m Joe and I’m the initial catalyst behind Abundance Reconstructed.

In the late summer of 2015 while writing my doctoral dissertation, I found myself in a place of personal and spiritual crisis. Setting out to write a culminating work that demonstrated my expertise in the realm of spiritual formation, I looked in the mirror and saw spiritual deformation staring back at me. Why someone who spent decades living a duplicitous and unfaithful life felt compelled to write something genuine in that moment I cannot explain, but the resulting work continues to shape my thoughts and life to this day.

That said, Abundance Reconstructed is not about you taking my journey. It’s about creating a space for you to take your own. My story just gives you an idea of what the process can look like. To that end, when you sign up, I will send you, From the Shards, which explores four significant faith shifts I experienced while writing my dissertation. You could say it explores the first stage in my crafting an abundant life. I’m curious, what will your first stage look like?

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